2020 Kids

Mini Love Farm’s Moody Blues-R

Purebred Buckling Born March 20, 2020 G6s Normal By Parentage – Sire: Goat Trails Romeo Blue, Dam: Eveland Farms Chocolate Eclair-SF – Deposit Received! Thank You Parks Family!

Mini Love Farm’s Moody Blues-R Purebred Buckling G6s Normal by Parentage Blue Eyes

Mini Love Farm Rhapsody in Blue Deposit Received Thank you Kristen!
Mini Love Farm Romeo’s Juliette Purebred G6s Normal SOLD


February 14th Twins! 1 Buck – 1 Doe

Meet Mini Love Farm’s He’s a Dandy – GTR  F7 Purebred G6s Normal Buckling 
UPDATE: Deposit Received 

Mini Love Farm’s He’s a Dandy -GTR F7 Buckling G6s Normal picture @3 days old

Meet: Mini Love Farm’s Miss Daisy – GTR.  F7, G6s Normal Doeling UPDATE: Deposit Received 

Mini Love Farm’s Miss Daisy -GTR  F7, Purebred G6s Normal Doeling


2019 Kids

April 1st – F6 Twin Moonspotted Bucklings!! Sire: MilkCreek Ridge Phinnus – Dam: Eveland Farm’s Lady Sarah K

Mini Love Farm, The Joker’s Wild-P  MDGA Registration # Pending ~  “Joker” is Blue Eyed, Moonspotted and  Polled! UPDATE: SOLD ! Thank you Kathy & Erica Turner!


Mini Love Farm, He’s Just A Jester MDGA Registration # Pending. “Jester” is a beautiful Mahogany with many Moonspots! Beautiful level topline, nice level rump! Smoothly made with great length of Body with width as well! Great Milk lines on all sides of his Pedigree! SOLD 

March 8, 2019 Harper and Phinnus had Twins! Both Sold!

Harpers 2019 Doeling SOLD!!

Huge Thank You to Jillian, for your multiple purchases from us this year! I so appreciate your business!!! Enjoy your Wildly Colored Girls!

March 2, 2019

Callie and Phinnus had twin doelings!!

Callie’s and Phinn’s Twin Doelings

SOLD! both Doelings!  Thank you Jillian!


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