Mini Love Farm will be standing 4 Outstanding Bucks for the 2021/22 breeding season. Each of these Bucks bring to the table their own special qualities.

Mini Love Farm will provide a Service Memo for the breeding and will guarantee a bred doe with the following conditions: Doe must be in good health prior to breeding, a recent Herd clean bill of health and Bio Security Testing (CL – CAE – Johnees) with printed results given to buck owner prior to breeding date. Buck owner strongly suggests getting a pregnancy blood test at 35 days to confirm pregnancy and giving the Doe a CD&T and BoSe shot 1 month prior to does due date, for the well being of the Doe and her kids.

Casanova is very well put together with a nice long body with a very level topline and is nice and wide between the front and rear legs. He has a beautiful brisket, nice straight front legs with good rear leg angulation.

Casanova has an amazing pedigree with lots of Milk Stars in his Sires Pedigree. His dam has a Gorgeous Udder and easy to hand milk teats.

Casanova’s Pedigree includes: Green Gables, Echo Hills, Finished Champions and Milk Stars!

Current Clean tested herd paperwork required. Casanova’s service fee for 2021/22 is $200.00

Goat Trails Stars Over Texas *B – F4 – Blue Eyes – Moonspots – G6s Normal by parentage

Goat Trails Stars Over Texas *B F4 Blue Eyes – G6s Normal by parentage

“Austin”, boasts an amazing Pedigree, Green Gables, Goat Trails, Cedar Creek, Longman, Little Tots Estate, J&M Hideaway, Echo Hills, GingerTop Farm, Screaming Goat Farm, Soaring Hearts Farm, and Newland Farms.

This handsome young Buck comes to me from Hutto, Texas Goat Trails Farm. His Dam: Goat Trails Blue Moon Raven 3*P, “Raven” is 24” tall, she earned her Milk Star as a FF and had 5.35% Butterfat! His Sire: Green Gables Remember The Brave*B, “Braveheart” is 28.5” Tall. His Dam, Cali Luna has one of the best Udders, Eliya says she can’t find fault with it. his Sire is absolutely gorgeous, Eliya says he is the best buck she has ever bred!

Current, Clean tested herd paperwork required. Austin’s service fee for 2021/22 is $200.00

W4’s Keeper Of The Stars Purebred Blue Eyes – Moonspots – G6s testing Normal by testing

W4’s “Keeper Of The Stars” Purebred, Blue Eyes & Moonspotted

“Keeper” is another Gorgeous young buck! He came to us from W4’s Farm in Hermistion, Oregon. “Keeper” Sire was shown as a young buckling in 2019 at the PNWMDGC and did extremely well taking first in several of his classes and even a Best in Show!

His Pedigree includes, Screaming Goat Farm, Cedar Creek, Goat Trails,Genoa Meadows, Green Gables, Hidden Creek and Echo Hills.

This boy has Champion written all over him! Beautiful long body with a level topline. Wide in the front and rear, gorgeous Nubian Head and long ears! I’m so excited to show him in Virtual Shows and next years live shows.

Current, Clean tested herd paperwork required. Keeper’s service fee for 2021/22 is $200.00

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