Blossom-Thyme MC Keely

Keely: April 12, 2023

This beautiful dry yearling comes to me from a Superb Nubian Dairy Goat Breeder in Onalaska, Washington. Judy Bevaart at Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats, is a Breeder of Champion Nubians.

I wanted to add some new bloodlines to the Mini Nubian breed, my goal is to improve breed characteristics and improve Udder attachments from top quality Nubian Dairy Goats.

By breeding to my Mini Nubian Bucks that already have great breed characteristics instead of breeding to a Nigerian Dwarf Buck I’m hoping to bypass airplane ears, 3/4 drop ears and get a beautiful 1st generation Mini Nubian Dairy goat.

I chose Keely because I loved her Dams conformation, breed character beautiful Udder and teat placement. Her dairy skin and her beautiful brisket to name just a few. Keely looks just like her beautiful Dam! Her GrandDam and GrandSire are Perfection!

Keely’s Sire, is also just Stunning! Everything about him is Magnificent! He is an “Elite” Buck with an impeccable Pedigree! I don’t even need to describe what I love about him, his pictures and his daughters pictures are all you need to understand.

Below is Keely’s Pedigree in pictures.

Lassenwood Sonset Keala – G6s Normal

Keely’s Dam

Keely’s Dam: Lassenwood Sonset Keala
DOB: 4/17/2016
Photos courtesy of Judy Bevaart – Blossom- Thyme Dairy Goats

SGCH +*B Engylskye Count Of Monte Cristo – “Elite” – G6s Normal – 3xSr. CH & 2xBBIS

Keely’s Sire

Photos courtesy of Judy Bevaart – Blossom- Thyme Dairy Goats

Below are some of “Monte Cristo’s” Daughters

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