Blossom-Thyme MEAO Jilly-Bean

Jilly age7 weeks

Jilly took 1st in her Junior Does class, Ring 1 out of 11 Doelings and 2nd in Ring 2 out of 11 Doelings at last weekends NWODGA in Salem, Oregon!

I’m adding some new lines into my breeding program. I really want to improve Udders and Udder attachments and expand the genetic pool of the Mini Nubian Breed

Mini Nubian Breeders are starting to add quality standard Nubian Does to their breeding programs. I have joined those breeders and have added Five Champion Bred ,young, Does to my breeding program.

By breeding to a well bred Nubian Doe, your adding new bloodlines, and true Nubian breed Characteristics. There are so many Nubian farms that raise Beautiful Nubians with fabulous udders with excellent attachments.

These Breeders show at the National level against top Breeders across the US. They do Linear Appraisal annually and 305 day Milk testing.

By adding some of these purebred Does to my breeding program, I will be enhancing and improving the kids born with new bloodlines and better breed characteristics.

“Jilly” is a Gorgeous Purebred Nubian Doeling, she comes from some of the Best Show Champions and Production Nubians in the Pacific Northwest.

“Jilly” Sire is: *B My-Enchanted-Acres LM Ovation, her Dam is Blossom-Thyme LA Jinx who earned her milk Star as a FF in all three categories! Jinx milked 9.8 first test of 2023 with 5.79 bf and 3.48 protein!

Jilly will be bred in the Autumn of 2024, She will bring great things to the Mini Nubian gene Pool!

“Jilly” Very Elegant!
“Jilly” – Nice and wide!
Nice high Escutcheon, nice straight legs!

“Jilly” has an impressive Pedigree, pictured below is Maternal Side of her Pedigree

“Jilly’s” Dam as a 2 year old First Freshener: Blossom-Thyme LA Jinx 10* M
“Jilly’s” Maternal GrandDam and GrandSire
Jilly’s Maternal GrandSire’s Dam

“Jilly’s ” Sire’s Pedigree

“Jilly’s ” Sire: *B My-Enchanted-Acres LM Ovation a half Brother to Candyman. They share the Same Sire: SG +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Leading Man
“Jilly’s ” Paternal GrandDam
“Jilly’s ” Paternal Great GrandDam
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