Mini Love Farm’s New Kid/New Goat Disclaimer

I will have 2023 herd testing copies available for you on my entire herd.

My herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johnes.  My herd is G6s Normal. Upon request and buyer expense, I can do this on parents of kids.  It is buyer’s responsibility to investigate what your state requires for testing upon receiving goats into your state.  Buyer is responsible for the cost of these potential tests and health certificates when transport to another state is required.  Some of these tests ie: Brucellosis is a send-off, so it is important that buyers prepare for this in advance and communicate the time needed prior to transport pick-up.

I will help as much as I can with arranging transport and making the connection for pickup.  However, ultimately, transport is at the buyer’s expense and responsibility.   Communication is key from the buyer to the transporter.  I cannot stress the importance of selection of a reputable transport operator.  Do your homework and ask around for references and select someone that is dedicated to transporting your goat as stress-free, comfortable, and as safely as possible.  Once your goat leaves my place, I am not responsible for conditions that may occur during transport.  I have Limited experience with Airline transport. This is my preferred line of transport but it can be very expensive, spots are not guaranteed, and so many rules vary from airline to airline.  Also, lay-overs can be unexpected and lengthy between flights. However , I prefer it over ground transport.

Worms:  Goats are very prone to worms.  I do my utmost best to follow a modern worming regimen and am dedicated to continued education on the research of new worming methods.  I have found that an excellent source of latest and greatest information comes from the AMERICAN CONSORTIUM FOR SMALL RUMINANTS.  They post articles that have the latest research in managing your herd’s parasite loads.  Please look them  up online.  Worms are like any other super-bugs in the medical world….they are getting great at adapting and changing to their environment and many strains are becoming resistant to the current on-the-market wormers.  I encourage everyone to research FAMACHA scoring and signs and symptoms that might indicate your goat is having a worm overload.  Goats typically have a mild worm load as part of their normal flora, but stress, environment, weather condition and changes, feed, over-grazing one pasture, ect can affect your goat’s ability to maintain a healthy balance….leaving your goat open for worms to take over and take advantage of your immune-compromised new goat.  With this said, transport to a new location, elevation, weather/climate, and extreme stress of travel can be the perfect storm for your goat to tip over into worm overload.  Please be on the look-out for signs and symptoms of overload for several weeks after arrival of your goat.  Coccidiosis is also common with young kids.  Be on the look-out for appetite changes and diarrhea that might indicate the need for Cocci treatment.   Your goat can leave here perfectly healthy, but with the stress of travel…..your goat may present with these problems post transport, so I want to inform you of these possibilities.  Remember your kids are still young with building immune systems that are still easily subject to infections.   If you have any questions after arrival of your goat; please feel free to call me.

Pneumonia is also another possibility of traveling kids.  Pneumonia acts quickly and is hard for young kids to overcome.  Again, early diagnosis is key.  Watch for congestion, snotty noses, excessive coughing.  Take your goat’s temperature.  If temp is elevated, consult your vet.  A temp above 103.5 would need reported to your vet.

At this time I am not giving kids vaccinations, the reason for this change is because the injection site can create a lump, which some may think it could be CL.  All dams receive CD&T at 4 months gestation.  Immediately after kidding; dams receive 2 types of wormer.  These interventions should pass some immunity on to the kids.  I will communicate with you as to what types of feed/hay/pasture/supplements your goat is currently on at my facility.  Sudden feed changes in your goat’s diet can cause rumen upset and even bloat.  I caution my customers to make changes in feeding programs very gradually and provide extra monitoring during these times.  I always provide free choice Craftsmin goat mineral, Thorvin Sea Kelp, Diamond Yeast and fresh water to my herd.  That portion of my feed program is a given.  Some breeders recommend providing Ammonia Chloride additive in the water for wethers and bucks.  This changes the pH of the water and reduces the risk of urinary calculi (stones).  Stones are always a risk for male goats unfortunately.

I am open to holding your animal on your Option to Purchase, deposit to assist in making a safe transport.  All I ask is that you are diligent in communicating and making safe transport happen as soon as possible.

Many customers want their goats asap.  Getting a new baby is exciting.  Dam-raising is my preferred route of raising kids.  I prefer to keep kids on their mommas for at least 8 weeks.  Due to transport demands and customer preference,   If you agree to take your kid before that dam-raising phase; please note certain risks such as:  the potential for insufficient immune systems, growth ability, added stress, and other health issues.

I strive to raise goats with calm sweet dispositions.  I try to spend as much time as allowed with my new kids.  However, I do not guarantee that your new goat will be tamed to buyer’s liking upon arrival.  I suggest keeping your new goat in a smaller sized safe enclosure while you get to know your new critter.  There are many tricks to bonding with your new goat.  I find feeding a little grain, animal crackers, or treats by hand will help coax your new goat in gaining trust with you.

I reserve the right to refuse service and sale of any goat even after deposits have been received.  In this rare situation; your Option to Purchase, deposit will be refunded.

I, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________, buyer from Mini Love Farm/Kathleen Naylor,  have read and fully understand the above written material prior to purchase of my goat.

Buyer signature:________________________________________________  Date:_______________

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