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Mini Love Farm HTB Casanova Purebred – Moonspots – G6s Normal by parentage

Mini Love Farm HTB Casanova – Purebred – G6s Normal by parentage – picture taken 10/22/2021 age 6 months

I’m so thrilled to have our own home bred Buck “Casanova” here to add his wonderful genetics back into our herd. He has the most beautiful conformation. Long level topline, ears for years, nice and wide with a great brisket. Excited to watch him mature. His Pedigree boasts Green Gables, Echo Hills, Hidden Creek, Blue Oak, Sonflower Ranch and many more well known bloodlines. Lots of Milk Stars and Champions in his Pedigree.

Goat Trail’s Stars Over Texas*B G6s Normal by Parentage F4 – Blue Eyes

I’m so excited to Welcome this Stunning Buckling to my Herd! He will bring new Bloodlines in from Texas along with the legendary “Green Gables” and “Echo Hills” Lines, along with some new lines. Milk production, Milk Stars, Udder attachments, Excellent Conformation all this in a Beautiful Moonspotted, Blue eyed package! Photos Courtesy Of Goat Trails at Creekside Mini Nubians

W4’s “Keeper Of The Stars” Purebred – Blue Eyed – Moonspots G6s Normal By Testing

This sweet little guy is really maturing well. He is a very quiet buck, minds his business, but is definitely interested in the girls. I have paired him with the does I think will really bring the best out of both to the kids. I love his length of body and his level topline. He is nice and wide with gorgeous long ears and Roman nose. Nice straight front legs with nice angulation in the rear legs. I’m hoping to put him in the MDGA Virtual shows in 2022.

W4’s Keeper Of The Stars Purebred Blue Eyes and Moonspots – G6s Normal by testing – pictured 10-22-2021

Ava’s Acrobat Harlequin Blues – F5 Blue Eyes – Moonspots – G6s Normal by testing

Ava’s Acrobat Harlequin Blues – “Quinn” – F5 – Blue Eyes – Moonspots

W4’s Small Fortune’s Milky Way*B – F5 – Chocolate & Silver Buckskin – G6s Normal By Testing

W4’s Small Fortune’s Milky Way*B – F5 – Chocolate/Silver Buckskin in full blown Rut! 10/22/2021

October 21, Today I drove up to Washington and picked up a Buck I bought in 2019 as a buckling and sold him after breeding him to 2 of my Does. He threw Gorgeous kids and I regretted selling him. He comes from Fantastic Milk and Show lines, and lots of Milk Stars in his pedigree. He has great conformation, nice length of body, great width and depth and Excellent feet bone and Brisket. He is the most mellow Buck, even in full stinky rut! He is the sweetest now as he was as a youngster.He also has his Milk Star. I had the opportunity to buy him back and I am so excited to breed him to a few of my Does. Welcome home W4’s Small Fortune’s Milky Way *B!

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