Our Herd Sires

Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blue’s Purebred ~ Polled – Blue Eyed – Moonspotted – Proven – G6s Normal By Testing

Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blues MW
Photos Courtesy of Mini Love Farm, W4’s Caprine Pursuit, Laz E Acres, Willoughby Croft Mini Nubians

Goat Trail’s Stars Over Texas*B G6s Normal by Parentage F4 – Blue Eyes

I’m so excited to Welcome this Stunning Buckling to my Herd! He will bring new Bloodlines in from Texas along with the legendary “Green Gables” and “Echo Hills” Lines, along with some new lines. Milk production, Milk Stars, Udder attachments, Excellent Conformation all this in a Beautiful Moonspotted, Blue eyed package! Photos Courtesy Of Goat Trails at Creekside Mini Nubians

W4’s “Keeper Of The Stars” Purebred – Blue Eyed Moonspotted Buck G6s Pending test results

W4’s “Keeper Of The Stars” (aka “Keeper” )
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