Standard Purebred Nubian Does

I’m adding some new lines into my breeding program. I really want to improve Udders and Udder attachments and expand the genetic pool of the mini Nubian Breed

Mini Nubian Breeders are starting to add quality standard Nubian Does to their breeding programs. I have joined those breeders and have added three Champion Bred young Does to my breeding program.

By breeding to a well bred Nubian Doe, your adding new bloodlines, and true Nubian breed Characteristics. There are so many Nubian farms that raise Beautiful Nubians with fabulous udders with excellent attachments.

These Breeders show at the National level against top Breeders across the US. They do Linear Appraisal annually and 305 day Milk testing.

By adding some of these purebred Does to my breeding program, I will be enhancing and improving the kids born with new bloodlines and better breed characteristics.

Below are my new Doe additions from a Superb Breeder in Onalaska, Washington. Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats owner Judy, is a breeder of Champion Nubians bred for show and Milk. A combination that I want to bring into my herd. Many of her goats are on the “Elite” list of the American Dairy Goat Association.

Blossom-Thyme MC Keely

Keely will be bred in January to Charm for F1 Kids in June

Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Zita

Zita will be bred to Indy for June 2023 F1 Kids

Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Paris

Paris will be bred in January to Austin for June F1 Kids

Photo Credit Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats –

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