Breeding Plan 2022/23

First Choice Doeling has been reserved, thank you Monica in WA.

Second and Third Choice Doeling and First Choice Buckling has been reserved, thank you Kristina in AL

2022/23 Kid Reservations are filled. No more reservations available

Below are the breeding Pairs for the 2022/2023 Season

Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas *B F4 – Blue Eyes and Moonspots – 2022 Breeding Schedule

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere – Purebred – Blue Eyes and Moonspots 2022 Breeding Schedule

Deposits and Pick up
A nonrefundable deposit of $150.00 is required to hold your choice of kid. Once you have made your choice, 50% of Price is due with the balance due prior to pickup.

Bucklings are to be picked up by 2 months, unless other arrangements have been made. Doelings can be picked up at 10 weeks and must be picked up no later then 12 weeks of age.

Sales are final when complete payment is received, and the animal is your complete and total responsibility once it leaves our farm..
Due to farm health and bio-security, we do not take “returns”..

I reserve the right to retain ANY Kid/Doe/Buck, on or born on my farm, until full payment is received before or on day of pickup..
And you will be refunded in full.
If a kid is not sold because of an illness or death, but a deposit was paid, the deposit will be refunded
or transferred to another kid that is available, whichever the buyer chooses.

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