Breeding Plan 2020/2021

Cornerstone Farm All That Jazz 20/21 Breeding Schedule

1st choice of 2021 Buckling has been reserved – 1st Choice Doeling After Breeders choice has been made. Thank you Monica!~~~2nd choice of 2021 Doeling has been reserved . Thank you Shirley!

Jazz and Skye will be bred for Spring 2021 Purebred Kids. This pairing should bring Excellent Milk Genetics and Breed Characteristics. Moonspots, Blue Eyes and Polled all possible.

 Jazz and Pixie will be bred for Spring F5 Kids. This pairing will bring Udders, Milk, Moonspots, Ears, and Breed Characteristics all to their kids! POLLED is Possible! Plus an Amazing Pedigree!

Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blue’s 20/21 Breeding Plan

Blue and Madeline, this combination will produce outstanding Purebred Kids! Fantastic Pedigree! Fabulous Milk Genetics! Blue Eyes, Moonspots, Roans, Polled are all Possible!

Blue and Della this pairing will produce Purebred Kids with Fantastic Milk Genetics! An Awesome Pedigree! Possibly Blue Eyes, Polled and Moonspots! Breeder reserves the right to retain first choice Doeling And or Buckling from this Breeding.

 Blue and Savannah, this pairing will bring length of body, Excellent Milk Genetics, Well attached Udders, Great Brisket, Width, Beautiful, Level Topline. Bonus: Blue Eyes, Moonspots and Polled all Possible! Kids will be F7 Purebred.


Blue and Cinnamon will be bred mid January 2021 if Cinnamon matures enough to be bred. This pairing should bring excellent milk genetics, beautiful udders, fantastic breed characteristics and possibly Blue eyes, Polled and Moonspots. Kids will be F7 Purebred.

Deposits and Pick up
A nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your kid once it hits the ground. Deposit amount depends on generation of the kid being held..
final payment is due at pickup.
All kids with deposits are to be picked up by 2 months, unless other arrangements have been made.

Sales are final when complete payment is received, and the animal is your complete and total responsibility once it leaves our farm..
Due to farm health and bio-security, we do not take “returns”..

I reserve the right to retain ANY kid born on my farm, until full payment is received before or on day of pickup..
And you will be refunded in full.
If a kid is not sold because of an illness or death, but a deposit was paid, the deposit will be refunded
or transferred to another kid that is available, whichever the buyer chooses.

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