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Goat Trail’s BH Stars Over Texas*B – F4 – Blue Eyes – G6s Normal by testing

This Gorgeous Buck I flew in from Austin, Texas in May of 2021. Hence his name “Austin”. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this young Buck has matured. Austin is a very sweet buck, excellent conformation and in his first year as a Sire has produced 2 bucks and 4 Doelings!

I entered “Austin” in the MDGA Spring 2022 Virtual Show and was thrilled to see him take first place in his class of 18 Bucks under Judge Lavinia Allen. Below are her comments on “Austin”

Judge Lavinia Allen – MDGA Virtual Show Spring 2022
Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas – aka “”Austin”

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere – Purebred- Blue Eyes – Moonspots- G6s Normal by Parentage

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere

I entered Blue Cashmere (aka “Charm”) in the MDGA 2022 Spring Virtual Show intermediate Junior Bucks and he took 3rd place out of 9 entries, under both Judges! Below is what both Judges had to say about him.

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere (aka “Charm”)
“Charm” is Entry A

This Gorgeous Boy had a rough start in life in March 2022. He is one of triplets and the only one that survived. His Dam, “Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere” is a favorite Doe of mine. “Pink” is the sweetest, most loving Doe, she’s my most favorite girl! I will be keeping her boy as a future Herd Sire. Cashmere (aka: “Charm”) has his Dams sweet temperament and her coloring, red with light roaning. He has his Sires Long ears, Moonspots and blue eyes. Amazing bone structure, tight shoulders, well sprung rib cage, great width, front and rear and nice level Topline! I’m looking forward to seeing him mature.

Soaring Heart’s Indigo Blue *B – Purebred – G6s Normal – Gorgeous Blue Roan with Moonspots SOLD!! Thank you Jill !

Soaring Heart’s Indigo Blue *B

Due to recent health concerns, I have decided to drastically downsize my herd. Indy is going to Montana to my great friend Jill! He will have a great time Siring Gorgeous Kids! Thank you so much for giving this Handsome Buck a wonderful home!

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to recognize an Amazing opportunity when it presents itself . And intelligent enough to snap it up!

I have been watching and considering this Buck since I first saw him as a weanling. I passed on him because I bought his Dam and his full sister from Soaring Hearts Farm.

Melody Faville at Dandelion Meadows Farm in Scio, Oregon who bought him has only 3 Does and has 3 Bucks so Indy became available.

When I saw him come up available I tried my best to look the other way as I also retained a half brother of his from their Dam; Pink Cashmere 3*P.

So…. I now have 3 Stunning Bucks and will be keeping all 3. I will be looking for some unrelated Does as I will be parting with a couple of my Does after their 2023 Kids are weaned. Not their Dam, Not Pink, Never Pink. I have two Does that are too closely related to my Bucks.

Check out Indy’s Website Page!

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