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June 2022

Welcome to Mini Love Farm!

We are a small closed herd, in Lebanon, Oregon. Our herd consists of 6 Mini Nubian Does and 3 Mini Nubian Bucks. I recently added 3 Standard Nubian Doe to our herd. These Standard Nubian Does will be bred to our Mini Nubian Bucks. These Does will add new bloodlines to the Mini Nubian breed. The resulting offspring will have improved breed characteristics, better udder attachments and teat placement.

All of our Goats have been tested negative for G6s. We test annually for CL – CAE – and Johnes, we want to provide clean herd test results for our customers peace of mind. We have been very meticulous about the care we provide for our herd.

We have 6 acres of pastureland that is divided into 4 different pastures. Each pasture provides a 12’ x 36’, three sided run in shed with feed storage in the middle, between the two pastures/ sheds.

We feed our herd Alfalfa and a Special hand blended grain mix, BOSS, Grass Farmers, Goat Crafts-min, Loose minerals, top dressed with Thorvin Sea Kelp and Diamond V Yeast XP Original, I use an Herbal wormer made by Fir Meadows LLC. We have available to each pasture Cobalt blocks and improved pastures with browsing.

I keep my Does together in the Summer and early Autumn while the weather is still nice. In the Winter, I like to keep 3 Does to a pasture/shelter at night so each Doe has her own space to eat without being pushed out of her food. It also makes the daily stall cleaning so much easier! During the day the Senior Does are together.

The bucks have their own pasture and are able to flirt with the Does through a breeding proof no climb fence which is also hot wired to deter libidos! It also lets me know when they are ready for romance.

Their feet are trimmed monthly and I worm them as needed per Fecal sample. I use a combination of safe wormers when needed, I do my own fecal samples so I know exactly what I will be worming for. I give my Does a CD&T and a BoSe shot a month before kidding. Kids get a BOSE shot if needed, I don’t vaccinate the Kids. I let the new owner decide if they want to vaccinate or not.

The Kids are wormed after fecal sample if suspect. I do dose them with Sulfadimethoxine 12.5% once a month for Coccidia prevention starting at 4 weeks of age and until they leave for their new homes. I highly recommend continuing this once a month until they are 6 months old. This drug is very inexpensive and you can buy it from your Veterinarian. Coccidia is a quick killer of baby goats, prevention is the best form of keeping your kid safe.

They are disbudded as soon as they are ready, around between 5-7 days of age. We no longer tattoo them, we now microchip, it is simple and painless and not traumatic on the kids.

We practice a healthy environment here for our goats, Bio Security is a must!! We do not encourage visitors, however when people come to see or to pick up their goats, they must step in a bleach/ water solution to prevent any possible contamination to our environment. Clean, non barn clothes are required to protect the safety of our herd.

My mission is to produce a healthy, true to the breed characteristics , smaller dairy goat with great Udder attachment, easy to milk teats with open orfices for the homestead family. As well as enjoy as a part of the family and reap the benefits of having your own healthy milk and other dairy products from these wonderful creatures, the Mini Nubian Dairy Goat.

I have just recently steered my course of breeding Mini Nubians slightly to bring in new bloodlines into the breed. I will be bringing in three young registered Nubian Does from a Superb Nubian Farm, “Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats”. Judy has Show Champions and Milk lines. These Does will be bred to my Mini Nubian Bucks. I am hoping to improve Breed Characteristics, especially Udder attachments both lateral and fore. I would like to see more correct teat placement along with a higher Udder floor and wider escutcheon. The offspring of these breedings should bypass the Nigerian Dwarf straight nose and airplane ears, producing a much improved Mini Nubian Dairy Goat.

My husband Bob and I were both born and raised in Oregon on farm’s. We have lived in the Lebanon area since 1992, and raised Rocky Mountain Horses for 15 years. We raised our two children on our 86 acres along with dogs, cows, and 3 Tennessee Fainting Goats! Life on the farm gave our children the same work ethics, responsibility and fun that both Bob and I grew up with. Now we are retired and moved to smaller acreage 14 years ago, only ten acres, it’s still a lot of work but manageable.

We are very fortunate to have our grown children living on our property in their own homes. They are both professionals with careers but are available to do the maintenance around the farm.

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