Mini Love Farm ~ Goat Purchase Agreement

 THIS AGREEMENT, is made effective as of :___________________________________

Between: Kathleen Naylor (Seller) 

and :____________________________________________________________________(Buyer).

Buyer agrees to purchase animal(s) listed below: Circle one or multiple as appropriate

Doe.                     Buck.               Wether 

Name of Goat(s):



Description of Goat(s) below



Terms of Agreement: Seller agrees to sell to Buyer,( above named), the Goat(s) listed above. For the purchase price of : $___________________

Buyer agrees to pay to Seller the amount of, $50.00 as an option to purchase (non-refundable deposit), for the above named/described, kid(s)/goat(s),

***Payable, by way of Check or Cash.)***

Final Payment of $_______________________in Cash or Check to be received by or before pickup day. Checks must clear 2 weeks prior to pick up.

Possession Date:__________________

***If reserved kids/goats are not picked up by the end of the possession date window, Buyer will be charged $10.00 per goat/kid per day board, Or BUYER‘S reservation will be forfeited and the kid/goat will be placed for sale.***

Upon confirmation of payment in full as set forth in paragraph above, SELLER agrees to promptly provide all necessary papers for registration and transfer of ownership to BUYER.


  1. SELLER warrants she has clear title to said goat(s).
  2. SELLER makes no other warranties, either expressed or implied, including the warranties of fitness, height, show quality, kid production,udder quality. However, should a buckling sold for breeding purposes is not fertile due to a genetic disorder, upon a written statement from a licensed,practicing Veterinarian, the buckling will be replaced by seller to buyer as soon as seller has a replacement that is the same generation and quality of the purchased buckling. Seller will not take back the purchased buckling. It is the responsibility of buyer to wether the buckling and either keep or place as Buyer chooses.
  3. BUYER has the option to review the condition and health of the kid/goat(s), including any Veterinarian examinations, at BUYER’S expense.  If SELLER or Veterinarian deems animal unhealthy, SELLER will issue a refund or replacement animal (kid/goat) to BUYER. 
  4. Agreed to and signed this day:_________________________,
  5. SELLER:____________________________________________________________________________
  6. BUYER:____________________________________________________________________________
  7. Buyer’s Address____________________________________________________________________
  8. Buyer’s Email:_____________________________________________________________________
  9. Please sign date and return a copy to Seller, I will sign a copy and return to you by way of email or regular mail.
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