February 2022

Copied and pasted from Jodie Roer Veite from Desert Diamond Nubians

My friend Jill Hoenmans articulated a caring breeders words perfectly

Dear Prospective Buyer,

Please don’t be offended by my questions to you about your experience, the living conditions and your general management practices of your animals. It is not to challenge or insult you or your background – you may have 30 or more years behind you, but, if I don’t know you, I won’t know that. Being an animal lover is wonderful, but a long way off from understanding the complexities of caring for dairy goats, and ensuring a long, happy and productive relationship.

If you have experience and an understanding, be glad that I care enough about my animals and program to ensure they go to the right home. And be satisfied that I want you to be successful too! Not all breeds and programs are the same – and to put one of my charges into the care of one I have not asked the basic questions of, is as bad as putting your human child into the hands of a stranger. Worse, even, since once my charge leaves me, I lose all control and oversight to their future.

So, before you get offended when I ask if you have, or have had, dairy goats, have shelter, have a vet, know what they eat, etc… Ask yourself if you would send what took years of investing time and money to accomplish into the unknown? And what would it say about me, if I didnt care about the future of the animal you are considering adding to your future?

If you still believe I don’t have the right to ask these questions, please save us both some time and dont consider one of mine.


The one who is considering trusting you with a precious life…

Daystar’s Precious Saffron Purebred G6s Normal

2/3 – Four weeks until my first kids of 2022 arrive! I’m so excited this year, so many incredible new Does and Bucks I acquired in 2021! Most with amazing pedigrees with Milk Stars and Champions! I have several Does I plan to milk test this year too.

The Kids will be either purebred or F5 this year, Blue eyes, Polled and Moonspots will be a good possibility. I may be retaining a few for my herd as well. Since MDGA is not at this time putting the G6s normal by parentage Status on papers, I have ordered kits to take samples and send in on all those goats that are normal by parentage for their own G6s test results.

I will also be pulling my annual Bio Security Blood from my herd for testing. All of my goats that I brought in last year were from clean tested herds. I will be pulling blood in February/March. I will post the results on my website and Facebook page along with the Miniature Dairy Goat Facebook groups.

If you are interested in any of my 2022 Kids, please Print & fill out my application form and email to me at: kathynaylor55@gmail.com

Be sure to keep a eye out for my new arrivals in March. Pictures will be posted on my website and Facebook page.

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