4/24/22 – Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere will be staying on at Mini Love Farm for the duration of her life. Pink is only 4 years old, she has many years left in her life. Pink had an extremely traumatic kidding in 2022, she will be taking a year off from kidding to recover.

Pink has nerve damage to her rear legs, she struggles to put weight on and to move correctly. Pink will not be bred this year and perhaps if she doesn’t make a full recovery never will be bred again.

I hope that isn’t the case as Pink has Gorgeous kids! But should that happen, Pink will remain on my farm as a beloved pasture pet for the rest of her life. I love this Doe very much!

4/21/22 – I’m working on updating my website as I write this post. I have struggled with which goats to keep and which direction I want to go in my breeding program. It hasn’t been easy, all of my goats that I had were chosen for specific reasons, not because they had blue eyes or Moonspots, but because of their Pedigrees, Milk genetics, Conformation and Breed Characteristics.

Going forward, I will be keeping four Does. I want to get milk stars on the four that don’t have their stars yet, but come from heavy milk Star genetics. I want to do some Virtual Shows with all six of my keeper goats. I’ll be keeping 2 Bucks, Goat Trails Stars Over Texas *B (aka “Austin”) and Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere (aka “Charm”) – F6 . Look for them on my herd sire page. Kidding season has come to an end here, looking forward to a lighter work load and Gorgeous kids in 2023.

4/16/22 – Everyone has found new homes except one Beautiful Blue Eyed Buck! Quinn sired two Stunning Blue eyed Bucklings on April 12th, both are going to be future Herd Sires! Next month Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess and Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue will be on Milk Test.

4/4/22 – I’m taking in Cedar Creek Midnight Skye’s Milk test sample into Willamette Dhia today. Skye was on test Friday for her one day Milk test, she milked 10.5 lbs! This year Skye had Triplets, and had an amazing milk production! So excited to get her Milk Star!

4/2/2022 – I want to thank everyone who has purchased and opened their hearts and homes to my beloved goats. I know they all will be well cared for and loved, and I thank you.

I have gone from 5 Beautiful Bucks and 14 Beautiful Does down to 4 Does and 2 Bucks, because you know one buck needs a pasture buddy. This number is is manageable for me, I just can’t give up my goats completely. From 19 goats to 6 goats, I’ll have the delicious milk they give me and enjoy the newborn kids in May. I will enjoy them again!

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