6/24/2022 Everyone has found a new herd to call home! I’m so happy with the homes they are going to, most are going to be new friends, others are old friends, I feel so Blessed.

This year Skye outdid herself along with Austin’s help of course! Triplets, 2 Stunning Blue eyed Bucklings and a Gorgeous Doeling with gold eyes tinged with blue and incredibly Long ears. All three of these kids have long level toplines and great breed Characteristics. I’m very pleased with this breeding.

I decided to keep one of my 2022 Doelings. A Skye and Austin Doeling. I have been taken with this little beauty since the day she was born. She is not flashy, nor are her eyes blue, but she’s long bodied and has good width and has a nice level topline. She has ears for years and her overall conformation is beautiful. Her sire, Austin should improve Udder attachments and has already improved width, and rear leg strength. She’s a bit timid, probably due to her brothers dominance over her, but that’s easily fixed. I’m planning to enter her in the next Virtual show this year. Meet: “Mini Love Farm Skye’s Water Lily”!

Mini Love Farm Skye’s Water Lily – F5 – G6s Normal By Parentage

One more leaving tomorrow for her new herd, then Quinn will be moving to Roseburg, Oregon early July. I will then be down to 4 Does and 2 Bucks. Only 3 Does will be bred this year, Miss Pink will be taking a year off to recover from her traumatic kidding that left her with some nerve damage. I’m hoping she will make a full recovery.

6/12/2022 I’m seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel!! Three more kids went home today and another is off to her new home tomorrow. This leaves me with two adult does and one kid left to go to their new homes in July and August. Then I will be down to three Does I’m keeping; Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere 3*P, Soaring Hearts Pretty in Pink 4*P and Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess *P. And two Bucks; Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas *B and Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere.

DEPOSIT RECEIVED! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!. Harlequin Blues is a super sweet boy that Sired 3 Stunning Kids this year. Quinn does have scurs that I will be banding and should fall off in 3-4 weeks. All three of Quinn’s kids had blue eyes and Moonspots. “Quinn’s Dam: Proverbs 31 Cupid, earned her Milk Star on her first Freshening in 2021, with a high Butterfat percentage. Pictures below.

Ava’s Acrobat Harlequin Blues – F5 – G6s Normal by Testing- Blue Eyes – Moonspots 27” tall.

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