Our Does

Cedar Creek Midnight Skye ~F6 ~ G6S  Normal by Parentage ~ Blue Eyes ~ Polled & Moonspotted!!!

Skye has a very Dairy body type. She has a Beautiful Udder, well attached, soft texture, great volume with easy to hand milk teats! Milks out easily in under 2 minutes by machine. This year she delivered twin, blue eyed and polled bucklings which we are retaining one for the 20/21 Breeding season. Skye will be working towards earning her Milk Star in 2021. Skye has been bred to Cornerstone Farm All That Jazz in November for March 2021 Kids!

Cedar Creek Midnight Skye F6 ~ G6s Normal by Parentage

Green Gables Creme Della Creme 4*P ~ F5~ G6s Normal

“Dayla”, came to us from Daystar’s Farm! Thank you Jacqui and Tiffany!! We LOVE this girl!! Dayla, is the sweetest Doe, she has such a gentle personality! I absolutely love her coloring! A red and cream Buckskin! Dayla is so well mannered on the stand, she took right to the Simple Pulse Milking Machine after four years of hand milking. Her Udder is so soft and pliable! Beautiful Udder and milks out in 2minutes! I Love her conformation, Long bodied , very Dairy and a gorgeous head and ears! I can’t wait to see her 2021 Kids! She has been bred to Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blue’s! They will have some Stunning Kids! Choice of Doeling to be retained.

Green Gables Creme Della Creme 4*P F5 – G6s Normal

Eveland Farms Cecil’s Lady Madeline F5 -G6s Normal by Testing

Lady Madeline F5

Madeline is also very Dairy body type. She delivered a single Blue Eyed Black Doeling this year. Her Udder is amazing! Buttery soft, very well attached and volumes of Milk for a FF nursing a single kid. Maddie is bred to All that Jazz for March Purebred Kids.

W4’s Sweet Savannah’s MoonStruck F7~ G6s Normal **AVAILABLE BRED** $1000.00 Deposit Received Sale Pending

Savannah has a Beautiful Pedigree that boasts Finished Champions and Milk Stars. She is a very Dairy type, long bodied, with nice width. Savannah kidded a Gorgeous moonspotted Doeling on May 14th. Savannah has a very nice well shaped first freshener Udder. Very well attached and nice plumb teats. Savannah has been bred to Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blue’s for Early March Kids.

Sweet Savannah F7

Pilchuck Pointe Pixie Dust F4 G6s Normal ~Polled – **Available** PM or Email for Information BRED!.$1,000.00

Pixie is a very sweet Doe, she has Beautiful Breed Characteristics! I am so impressed with this little Doe! As a First Freshener, she has a beautiful udder, well attached and at 2 weeks fresh gave me 2 pounds of milk! I’m so excited to see her kids and her udder in 2021. Pixie was bred to Jazz in October for March Kids.

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