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Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue “Tansy” – Purebred– Blue EyesG6s Normal by parentage

Green Gables, Echo Hills, Breeding Photo Credit Goat Trails, Green Gables Breeder: Tisha Winnett

This Stunning young Doe comes to Mini Love Farm from Goat Trails Farm in Hutto, Texas! I am so excited to have her join my herd here in Oregon. “Tansy” has beautiful conformation, well attached Udder, perfectly placed/sized teats for hand milking. Super long ears, great length, level topline and blue eyes. Can’t wait to see her mature.

Goat Trails Spirit’s Sparkling Tinsel *P – F5 – G6s Normal by parentage

Goat Trails Spirit’s Sparkling Tinsel *P Breeder: Tisha Winnett

This gorgeous Doe got her Milk Star as a FF! Tinsel has a beautiful, level topline with a nice flat rump. Great width, nice long dairy neck with a great brisket! Correct legs, well placed teats and an amazing escutcheon! Tinsel placed second out of 16 entries in the SR. Doeling class Spring 2020 MDGA V- Show. Looking forward to seeing what this beautiful doe produces Spring 2022. Photo Credits: Goat Trails & Ca Blackberry’s,

Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere Purebred – G6s Normal

Pip’s Dam: Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere F6- G6s Normal by parentage Breeder: Wendy Valentine- Soaring Hearts Farm

“Pink” is a Beautiful Red Roan, 3 year old Doe. Her Dam is FMCH Soaring Hearts Purple Rain 2*P. Her Sire is Green Gables GS Golden Sunrise. “Pink” earned her Jr. Grand Champion Leg at the Wine Country Classic in 2019. Her show career was put on hold while she was bred and gave birth to triplets in 2020. This Year in May of 2021 “Pink” gave birth to twin Bucklings. I’m hoping to continue her Virtual show career and get her Milk Star in 2022. Pink arrived at my farm July 14th, she is the sweetest girl, we connected immediately! I’m so thrilled to have this Quality Doe join my herd. Thank you Wendy Valentine! Photos Courtesy of Soaring Hearts Farm & Green Gables Farm

Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess F4 G6s Normal by parentage

Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess F4. Photo Credits: Soaring Hearts Farm Breeder: Wendy Valentine https://www.soaringheartsfarm.com/https://www.soaringheartsfarm.com/

Sienna is a Gorgeous yearling Doe and a Granddaughter of VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden’s Sea Gal 2*P. Sienna is a Soaring Hearts bred girl that has all the Milk, Udder attachments, Conformation, Breed Characteristics and both Live and Virtual Show Champions in her Pedigree. Her bloodlines include: Soaring Hearts, Dancing Goat Gardens, Green Gables, Rocking Goat, Echo Hills, and Carpenter Ranch. I am so blessed to have her come live and continue the legacy of Soaring Hearts Farm at Mini Love Farm. Photos Courtesy of Soaring Hearts Farm and CA Blackberry’s Farm. Sienna kidded Buck/Doe twins July 26th 2021 Sienna’s a first freshener. This young Doe is amazing! Sienna’s FF Udder is so soft, her teats easy to milk and so correctly placed. Sienna has a perfectly placed, snugly attached, Udder! She milks out so quickly by hand! Sienna took to the milk machine instantly, this tells me a lot about her temperament. Sienna is such a sweetheart, I couldn’t be more pleased with her then if I had raised her myself!

Cedar Creek Midnight Skye – Purebred – G6S Normal by Parentage ~ Blue Eyes ~ Polled & Moonspotted!!!

Cedar Creek Midnight Skye F6 ~ G6s Normal by Parentage

Skye has a very Dairy body type. She has a Beautiful Udder, well attached, soft texture, great volume with easy to hand milk teats! Milks out easily in under 2 minutes by machine. Last year she delivered twin, blue eyed and polled bucklings. We retained one of her gorgeous boys as a future herd sire. Skye had a single gorgeous Moonspotted Doeling in 2021! Skye is the sweetest Doe, she could be a therapy Goat, she sure makes me feel better! LOVE THIS DOE!

Ava’s Acrobat Bella*P – F5 – G6s Normal- Blue Eyes

Ava’s Acrobat Bella – Photo Credit : Ava’s Acrobats Breeder: Ava’s Acrobats Mini Nubians – Owner: Sarah Naylor

Bella comes to us from Ava’s Acrobats Mini Nubians in Acton, Ca. This beautiful blue eyed Doe is built!! Bella has great structure, she has it all! A level topline, great width between her two front legs, a great brisket, great width in the rear and depth! Bella is a second freshener in 2021 with Quad Doelings, all Blue eyed! Bella got her Milk Star this year scoring 108 points, 8.52 pounds of milk and 6.33 % Butterfat! Bella is Super sweet and easy to handle, she was great on the stand hand milking her. Excited to see her 2022 kids!

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