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Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess F4 G6s Normal by Testing

Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess – F4 – G6s Normal by Testing

Sienna is a Gorgeous Doe and a Granddaughter of VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden’s Sea Gal 2*P. Sienna is a Soaring Hearts bred girl that has all the Milk, Udder attachments, Conformation, Breed Characteristics and both Live and Virtual Show Champions in her Pedigree. Her bloodlines include: Soaring Hearts, Dancing Goat Gardens, Green Gables, Rocking Goat, Echo Hills, and Carpenter Ranch. I am so blessed to have her come live and continue the legacy of Soaring Hearts Farm at Mini Love Farm. Photos Courtesy of Soaring Hearts Farm and CA Blackberry’s Farm. Sienna kidded Buck/Doe twins July 26th 2021 Sienna’s a first freshener. This young Doe is amazing! Sienna’s FF Udder is so soft, her teats easy to milk and so correctly placed. Sienna has a perfectly placed, snugly attached, Udder! She milks out so quickly by hand! Sienna took to the milk machine instantly, this tells me a lot about her temperament. Sienna is such a sweetheart, I couldn’t be more pleased with her then if I had raised her myself!

Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue – Purebred– Blue EyesG6s Normal by Testing

Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue Green Gables, Echo Hills, Breeding Photo Credit Goat Trails, Green Gables Breeder: Tisha Winnett in Hutto, TX

This Stunning young Doe comes to Mini Love Farm from Goat Trails Farm in Hutto, Texas! I am so excited to have her join my herd here in Oregon. “Tansy” has beautiful conformation, well attached Udder, perfectly placed/sized teats for hand milking. Super long ears, great length, level topline and blue eyes. Tansy had Gorgeous twin Blue eyed Bucklings on April 12th. Both have been spoken for.

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink Purebred, G6s Normal by Testing

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink – Purebred – G6s Normal by Testing

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink (aka “Pip”) is a Beautiful Doe in a small package! “Pip” has all the boxes checked to be a top quality example of what a Mini Nubian Doe should be. She has the Nubian Breed Characteristics, the conformation, the milk Genetics and the smaller size. Her ears are amazing and her first freshening Udder and attachments along with her wonderful long teats make milking her by hand a breeze. “Pip” had a Stunning Blue eyed Doeling in 2022, I’m working toward getting her Milk Star Certificate this year.

Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere Purebred- G6s Normal by Testing

Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere Purebred

Pink had an extremely difficult kidding in 2022!

Pink started pushing around 3:00 on Wednesday March 9th. I watch my girls very closely, I can detect the smallest changes in their behavior, I know when they are close.

“Pink” started pushing, a bubble appeared, “Showtime”! I’m gloved up, have the puppy pads ready, and another bubble pops out. That’s Not Right! Things just went from exciting to crap in a heartbeat.

Now….. I have to go in and feel what is going on in there. Mind you I’m home alone, no help, everyone is at work. I have “gone in” many times during kidding seasons to make sure the kids are presenting normally, this is nothing new to me, but the second bubble is.

So, I had two kids trying to come out together. I put fresh gloves on, lubed up and started exploring to see what the situation was. Lots of legs, I could feel a head, teeth and an ear. I pushed back the second bubble into the birth canal and worked on guiding the other baby that was presenting properly, out into the world with “Pink’s “ contractions. 

The next baby was a problem, he was presenting with his head back and front legs forward. At first I thought he was breech but I couldn’t find a tail, or his head. I was working on getting him out for about 30 minutes and not getting anywhere, when Sarah got home from work.

Sarah immediately gloved up and took over for me, my back was killing me. While she was feeling around inside of Pink, I got on the phone with Julie House from Running River Dairy Goats. It didn’t take long for her to head my way coaching Sarah all the way on her 25 minute drive to my farm.

Just as Julie was pulling up to the barn, Sarah managed to wrestle a Beautiful, Big Buckling from Pink’s body. And there was another…

Pink had a third kid yet to emerge. Sarah went in again and could feel legs but no head or tail. Finally she could feel the head, but it kept slipping away from her hand. Julie brought her Kelly Kid snare and they tried to snare the kids head. Finally Julie was able to catch the kids head and managed to bring the kid out.

Sadly the kid had passed. This is the hardest part of raising animals on the farm. It was another gorgeous Buckling. We tried our best to bring all three into the world, we saved two. We could have lost Pink and all 3 kids had I not been vigilant in knowing the smallest details in my Does actions. This isn’t just a herd of goats, they are a huge part of my life, they are my pets! I’m their caretaker, it’s my job to give them shelter, food, fresh water and be able to see when something is not quite right.

Six days later…. Everyone was doing well, bouncing around the barn while nighttime chores were being done and all were tucked in their stalls, with their heat lamps on, everything was as it should be.

The next morning, the smallest of Pinks Buckling’s was shaking and was not coherent. Meaning he was awake but totally out of it. I gathered him up and took him in my heated Milk room and took his temperature. 105.5 too high! I gave him Vitamin B Complex SQ and called my Veterinarian, she said Pneumonia, and told me what to give him and Pray. I did exactly what she said to do and I Prayed, an hour later he passed.

Pink has nerve damage to her rear legs, she struggles to put weight on and to move correctly. Pink will not be bred this year and perhaps if she doesn’t make a full recovery never will be bred again.

I hope that isn’t the case as Pink has Gorgeous kids! But should that happen, Pink will remain on my farm as a beloved pasture pet for the rest of her life. I love this Doe very much!

I did keep Pink’s Gorgeous blue eyed Buckling, her only surviving Kid! I named him Blue Cashmere, but his barn name is “Charm”. He had a rough start in life, but he’s a keeper! “Charm” has beautiful conformation, wide in the chest and rear, great leg angle in the rear legs, well sprung rib cage, beautifulRoman nose and his Ears! And a nice level topline. I can’t wait to put him in the summer virtual shows this year.

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