Mini Nubian Does

Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere 3*P Purebred- G6s Normal by Testing

Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere 3*P Udder

“ Pink” came to Mini Love Farm in the summer of 2021, she had just weaned her twin Bucklings. I began milking “Pink” the next day and loved how docile she was on the stand and how easily she milked out. Her milk is delicious and she transitioned to the simple pulse milk machine with no fuss at all.

“Pink“ earned her milk Star in May of 2022 with high butterfat of 6% and 8 lbs of milk in a 24 hour period.

“Pink” won 2nd place Udder in her class at the Oregon State Fair in 2022. After a lactation of six months her milk production was about half of what it was in Early June. I was so proud of how she behaved both in and out of the show ring, so calm and cool.

Pink is my favorite Doe, she’s sweet, beautiful and very loving. Beautiful conformation and she has stunning babies, we kept her 2022 Buckling as a future Herd Sire. Pink will have a forever home here on Mini Love Farm.

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink 4*P – Purebred, G6s Normal by Testing Sold! Thank you Kate!

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink 4*P

Soaring Heart’s Pretty in Pink 4*P (aka “Pip”) is a Beautiful Doe in a small package! “Pip” has all the boxes checked to be a top quality example of what a Mini Nubian Doe should be. She has the Nubian Breed Characteristics, the conformation, the milk Genetics and the smaller size. Her ears are amazing and her first freshening Udder and attachments along with her wonderful long teats make milking her by hand a breeze. “Pip” had a Stunning Blue eyed Doeling in 2022 and earned her milk Star with 6.9 lbs of milk and 4.9 % Butterfat.

Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess *P – F4 G6s Normal by Testing Sold! Thank you Monica!

Sienna is a Gorgeous Doe and a Maternal Granddaughter of VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden’s Sea Gal 2*P. Sienna is a Soaring Hearts bred girl that has all the Milk, Udder attachments, Conformation, Breed Characteristics and both Live and Virtual Show Champions in her Pedigree. Her bloodlines include: Soaring Hearts, Dancing Goat Gardens, Green Gables, Rocking Goat, Echo Hills, and Carpenter Ranch.

I am so blessed to have her come live and continue the legacy of Soaring Hearts Farm at Mini Love Farm. Photos Courtesy of Soaring Hearts Farm and CA Blackberry’s Farm. Sienna kidded Buck/Doe twins July 26th 2021 Sienna’s a first freshener and a beautiful single Doeling in March 2022. Sienna earned her Milk Star in 2022 with 8 lbs of milk and 4.3% butterfat.

Sienna’s FF Udder is so soft, her teats easy to milk and so correctly placed. Sienna has a perfectly placed, snugly attached, Udder! She milks out so quickly by hand! Sienna took to the milk machine instantly, this tells me a lot about her temperament. Sienna is such a sweetheart, I couldn’t be more pleased with her then if I had raised her myself!

Goat Trails Apple of My Eye 3*P Purebred – G6s Normal by Parentage Sold! Thank you Jill!

Apple 2022 Fall MDGA Virtual Show photo

I purchased Apple in the fall of 2021 as a weanling, and brought her in from Texas. After a week of traumatic kidding from other does I decided to sell most of my remaining pregnant does. Apple had a gorgeous buckling in June 2022, chocolate with Moonspots. I had the opportunity to buy her back today and am very happy I did. Apple has an amazing pedigree with Milk Stars top and bottom of her pedigree.

“Apple” is long bodied and deep, with nice width, a beautiful Roman nose and long wide ears. She has a beautiful first freshening Udder and a smooth fore Udder with no pockets. “Apple” has a very sweet temperament and is 24” tall at 19 months old.

“Apple”is currently in milk and is a dream to milk. I hand milked her and she has easy to milk teats with wide open orfices which milked her out quick and easy!

“Apple” earned her Milk Star in October 2022, Scoring 98 with 6.9 lbs of Milk and 6.7% Butterfat at 141days after Kidding.

Apple’s pedigree

Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue- Purebred – Blue Eyes – G6s Normal by Testing Sold! Thank you Jill!


I brought “Tansy” to Oregon from Texas in the fall of 2021. She is a Beautiful Doe with Excellent Nubian Breed Character, super long ears, Gorgeous Roman nose, long bodied and level topline. “Tansy” has a very sweet Temperament and had stunning twin Bucklings in April of 2022. “Tansy” is bred to my Buck Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere for April 2023 kids. This pairing should bring beautiful kids! I will be Milk Testing Tansy in 2023 and hope to add her own Milk Star to her already Milk Star Pedigree.

Mini Love Farm Romeo’s Juliette Purebred- Blue Eyes – G6s Normal Sold! Thank You Kristina!

Mini Love Farm Romeo’s Juliette GTR – Purebred – Blue Eyes – G6s Normal

Juliette is a very sweet quiet Doe, she doesn’t bother anyone and is very low maintenance. She is easy to trim hooves, worm and milk. My breeding program is changing.

I have brought in a standard Nubian Doe to add new genetics to the breed and I need to keep my numbers down to six does total. Juliette is too closely related to two of my bucks. Juliette needs to find a new home.

Juliette was bred and born on Mini Love Farm, she was purchased locally and loved for the last two years. Juliette has freshened twice, each time with triplets. Juliette is a small Doe, she’s 24.5 inches tall.

Juliette is Long and level, with great depth! Tight shoulders and nice spring of ribs.

Life changes brought Juliette back to her birthplace. Juliette was bred to Soaring Hearts Indigo Blue *B and is due in mid March 2023, she will be available after her kids are weaned.

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