Update Summer 2020, Tap the text to see the Post and pictures.

My Herd Sire’s

My Future Herd Sires, both are Purebred and G6s Normal by testing. Cornerstone Farm “All That Jazz” His Pedigree is : Echo Hill’s and Hidden Creek, all Serious Milk production and Show Breeders!
And my own Home Grown Buckling:

Mini Love Farm “Honky Tonk Blue’s” His Pedigree includes: Green Gables, Echo Hill’s, Laz E Acre’s, Cedar Creek, Goat Trail’s, Westwind Acre’s, Sonflower Ranch and Eddy Place. He has Blue Eyes, and is Polled and Moonspotted with Roaning. Really excited to see how they mature and their offspring in 2021!

Exciting News! We are finally building my Milking Room in the barn! It’s framed, wired, windows and doors are in! Plumbing for the sink and dishwasher next then insulation! Hopefully it will be finished end of July! Sooner if Hubby didn’t want to take time off to enjoy his hobbies 😆. Will keep you updated on our progress!

All 2020 Kids have found new herds! I would like to Thank all of my customers! To those of you who have purchased from me before, thank you so much for your continued support and I’m so humbled that you chose Mini Love Farm to add my goat babies and adult goats to your herd. I hope they do you proud as they did for me. To those of you who have purchased from me for the first time, Thank You!!! I hope you enjoy your new additions, I know some of you have literally brought them into your home and hearts, I LOVE that!!!! Every one of my goats, Bucks, Does and Kids went to wonderful homes and for that I’m feeling very blessed!!

Sincerely, Kathy

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