January 2021 (tap text)

Happy New Year! Wow! A New Year! Lots still going on here at Mini Love Farm! We built a new agricultural building this last fall. I will now get my Barn back, Yippee!!! The new Ag building will hold hay, bedding, the tractor and implements. My Milk Parlor was put on hold while we were building the Ag building, but now we are back at it. It should be finished by the time the kids arrive in March. In October I added two Rocky Mountain Horses to the farm, we raised them for 15 years, and I wanted to start riding again so I found a son of my Stallion and a mare from the same line. Because I want to do less work and more riding, I downsized my herd of Mini Nubians. I have 4 does and 2 Bucks which is plenty for milk, soap, butter, etc. So looking forward to fresh milk!

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