April 2021

March was a crazy busy month! This year I only had 4 Does to kid, I thought it would be easier, but it wasn’t just less work. Kidding season came to a close for the year on April 2nd with Green Gables Creme Da La Creme kidding a Stunning Moon spotted Buckling with the most beautiful Nubian Dairy Characteristics! It was definitely an interesting year for kids! Two Single kids out of does that always kidded twins. One Doe had triplets, 2 bucks and 1 doe. Sketchy delivery but all 3 kids safely delivered! Pixie delivered twin Bucklings text book style Yay!! Thank you Pixie❣️

Great News, the Milk Room is completed!! We tiled the Sink surround (neither of us had ever tiled before) and it turned out Gorgeous! Looks like a Spa! But easy to keep sanitized as well as the Formica on the walls and the Stainless Steel Sink. The unveiling will be now!!!

I’m so excited to show everyone our Milk Room Creation!

I had some gorgeous kids this year, 2 Does and 4 Bucks! I am bringing in some new Texas blood in, a Blue Eyed Moon spotted Buckling! He will carry Cedar Creek, Echo Hills W4’s Caprine Pursuit bloodlines.

I’m bring in some special Does/Doelings. I have found some wonderful bloodlines that I’m thrilled to be adding to my herd! Daystars Farm and Soaring Hearts, out of Washington State, Cedar Creek and Goat Trails out of Texas, W4’s, Eastern Oregon, Peeps Pondorosa out of Southern Ca, and of course my own Mini Love Farm home grown here in Oregon.

My goal is to produce Goats for show and milk along with great Nubian Characteristics! Combined with Blue eyes, Moonspots and Polled as my customers demand those extra Bling on a well bred goat! I

I love the bling as well 😊.

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