June 2021

2021 Kidding season is over, we had some Gorgeous Kids this year! All have found new herds.

I downsized my herd last fall as I got a couple of horses and needed the pasture for them. But I realized during the winter I could really only ride one horse not two. So I’m selling the mare and keeping the gelding.

In May I was able to purchase three outstanding Does from Soaring Hearts Farm in Snohomish, WA. Very excited to add some of the very best Pedigrees to my herd.

More good fortune was bestowed upon me in the form of 4 more Beautiful Does, two yearlings and two Doelings. One was a Gorgeous yearling from Daystars Farm in Woodland, WA. I wanted to buy her when she was born over a year ago, but Jacqui Wilcox the owner of Daystars Farm was retaining her. She told me I had first chance of getting her should she decide to part with her. So even though I wasn’t actively looking to add another Doe, I jumped at the chance to bring Daystars BGG Precious Saffron and brought her home.

Two days later I received a email from a client who bought a Doe from me in October 2020. I had been pestering her all early spring to sell this doe back to me. She declined my pleas until one of her neighbors complained about the doe vocalizing all the time. “Cinnamon”was destined to show and produce gorgeous kids, this nice lady wanted her as a pet, which was a great life for Cinnamon. She offered her back to me and again I jumped at the chance! I never should have parted with her in the first place. I now have 7 Does and 3 Gorgeous Bucks!

Three Bucks??? Yes, I parted with Cornerstone Farm All That Jazz in March. And purchased a Beautiful Purebred Blue eyed, Moonspotted buckling from W4’s Caprine Pursuit in Hermiston, Oregon. He has the Show Quality, Milk Genetics, Breed Characteristics and pedigree that would make him an outstanding Herd Sire.

But then….. as fate happens, a Gorgeous, Blue eyed, Moonspotted buckling from Goat Trails at Creekside in Hutto, TX came available. “Austin” may be an F4 generation, but he has all the right stuff to be The most Fabulous Herd Sire and he may even be homozygous for the Blue eye gene from his Dam Goat Trails Raven. So I had him flown in to Eugene, Oregon from Austin, TX hence his barn name “Austin”. His Registered Name is: “Goat Trails Stars Over Texas*B”. Did I mention he has his Milk Star.

So there is my story of how I came to have 10 Does and 3 Bucks. Hope you all had a successful 2021 Kidding Season and check out my new herd on my website pages.

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