July 2021

7/26 – Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess kidded buck/doe twins today! Mom and kids are doing great! Bringing Sienna home on Sunday August 1st!

7/20 – Breeding season is coming up fast! I’m planning on breeding 2-3 of my more mature does in September for February Kids. I like to space out my breedings so kids will be at least a month old prior to the next group of 3 Does to Kid. However, Murphy’s Law has a way of changing the best laid plans as I well know, but I’m sticking to the plan for now.

7/18- This year I’m offering Buck Service for those who either don’t have a Buck in their herd or those who would like to add new lines to their herd. Check out my new page “Buck Service” and my “Buck Service Contract” page.

7/14 – Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere has arrived here at Mini Love Farm just this week! Pink is a beautiful Doe with just a sweet friendly personality! I fell in love with her immediately! We have gone on a walk to show her around and eat some browse. Pink loved that! Gave her a haircut tonight after it cooled off, now she’s ready to show!

7/10 – My new additions to my herd have begun to arrive! I’m really excited about my breeding program this coming fall. I have three beautiful Bucks with new bloodlines, Champion pedigrees and Great Milk genetics. Take a look at my Herd Sire page for pictures and pedigrees.

Happy 4th of July! This has got to be one of the hottest summers I have experienced in Oregon and I have lived here my entire life. We had a dry winter and now this ridiculously hot summer!

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