July 2021

7/31 – Heading up to Snohomish,Washington early tomorrow morning to pick up my Soaring Hearts Girls! Not looking forward to leaving at 2:30 am, but want to get up and back 10 hour round trip 😵. But, I’m not driving so I’ll be sleeping most of the way up and back 😊😴😴😴

7/30 – More exciting news! So….I did a thing, probably shouldn’t have, but….. I just couldn’t pass up a golden opportunity!!

In Early September, I have three new goats coming in from Texas….again! Anyway, I bought three gorgeous Does from Goat Trails Farm in Hutto, Texas.

Now before you say “she’s crazy”, let me say this, maybe I am, however, I’m trying to bring into my herd, some different bloodlines with lots of milk stars in the immediate first three generations, along with conformation Champions.

Plus, I love my goats, most of the time, except not so much in the winter, when they stand inside waiting for their next meal, watching the rain fall. It’s not that I don’t still love them, it’s that they make a big poopy mess for me to clean twice a day. Apparently they think they will melt if hit by a single raindrop.

Anyway, now I will have 11 Lovely Ladies, all with their own special qualities. Some more then others, some not so sweet to their herd mates,(Dayla knows I’m talking about her!) Dayla is my reigning Queen of the Doe herd. She rules and keeps everyone in line! 2022 Kidding Season will be Exciting!

7/26 – Soaring Hearts Sienna Princess kidded buck/doe twins today! Mom and kids are doing great! Bringing Sienna home on Sunday August 1st!

7/20 – Breeding season is coming up fast! I’m planning on breeding 2-3 of my more mature does in September for February Kids. I like to space out my breedings so kids will be at least a month old prior to the next group of 3 Does to Kid. However, Murphy’s Law has a way of changing the best laid plans as I well know, but I’m sticking to the plan for now.

7/18- This year I’m offering Buck Service for those who either don’t have a Buck in their herd or those who would like to add new lines to their herd. Check out my new page “Buck Service” and my “Buck Service Contract” page.

7/14 – Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere has arrived here at Mini Love Farm just this week! Pink is a beautiful Doe with just a sweet friendly personality! I fell in love with her immediately! We have gone on a walk to show her around and eat some browse. Pink loved that! Gave her a haircut tonight after it cooled off, now she’s ready to show!

7/10 – My new additions to my herd have begun to arrive! I’m really excited about my breeding program this coming fall. I have three beautiful Bucks with new bloodlines, Champion pedigrees and Great Milk genetics. Take a look at my Herd Sire page for pictures and pedigrees.

Happy 4th of July! This has got to be one of the hottest summers I have experienced in Oregon and I have lived here my entire life. We had a dry winter and now this ridiculously hot summer!

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