September 2021

9/20/21 – Gorgeous September day here in Oregon! Still waiting for the Does to come into heat so we can start breeding. Friday we used CIDR Progesterone Inserts along with 2cc of Lute each for the first time. We did three Does, Skye, Bella and Tansy. In 14 days, on the 1st of October we will remove the CIDR and give them each another 2cc of Lute, and hopefully they will come into heat within 36 to 72 hours later and get them bred.

My plan is to have each group kid three weeks apart and they can kid in the barn during the colder months. I have 10 Does I will be breeding this year and hope to have the last of them Kid in May.

I have four Bucks that I will be using, After much thought, research and consideration, I have chosen which Bucks will cross well with each Doe. I brought in some new lines in both the Bucks and Does, my goal is to improve Udder attachments, strength in structure and Breed Characteristics. I should have some gorgeous kids this year, all will be F5 or Purebred. There is also a high probability of Moonspots, Polled and Blue Eyes. Kidding season should begin March 1, 2022. Check out our Breeding schedule Page.

9/1/21 – The weather has finally cooled down and I’m loving the cool nights and crisp morning air. Due to a high amount of positive COVID outbreaks, I chose to cancel going to the State Fair. I feel that it was the smart thing to do my being 65.

I did sell some of my goats, they went to good homes where I know they will be loved and cared for. I still have a large herd and should have a beautiful crop of kids in 2022.

I’m still milking three Does for now, my daughter and I are going to start making Goat Milk Products together. Our new ,exciting venture, so stay tuned as we begin our journey creating soaps, lotions, salves and many other fabulous, all natural, goat milk products!

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