October 2021

October 30, My daughter Sarah, has officially started her All Natural Skin Care and Goat Milk Soap Business, “Earthly Botanicals”. Sarah has been very busy creating Goat Milk Beauty Face Soap, Goat Milk Bar Soap, Body Lotion, and much more! All products are 100% Natural with no added Chemicals and handcrafted on our Farm in Lebanon, Oregon. For now, Sarah has a Facebook page: Earthly Botanicals and is working on her website which should be viewable in November. I will keep you updated!

Our Farm in Lebanon, Oregon

October 21, Today I drove up to Washington and picked up a Buck I bought in 2019 as a buckling and sold him after breeding him to 2 of my Does. He threw Gorgeous kids and I regretted selling him. He comes from Fantastic Milk lines, great conformation, nice length of body, great width and depth and Excellent feet and bone. He also has his Milk Star. I had the opportunity to buy him back and am so excited to breed him to a few of my Does. Welcome Back: W4’s Small Fortune’s Milky Way *B

W4’s Small Fortune’s Milky Way*B

October 4th: So thankful for cooler fall weather! They say the even the best laid plans can go awry, of course mine have as well. The Does did not cooperate with my breeding plans, out of the three that I used the CIDR and lute, one aborted a pregnancy I did not know had happened prior to purchase. One came into heat while I was down with a Migraine and one I actually got bred.

October 11th, Three came in without any induced hormones a week later, got two bred Pink and Pip (Mother and yearling daughter). So that’s three bred, hopefully another three will cycle in a couple more weeks, I don’t want them all to kid in the same three week time frame.

On a more serious note, I had a good friend pass away earlier this month from COVID-19. It hit me really hard! I just found out yesterday, I still am in shock, she was active, had a Ranch, rode horses, was a Quilter and gardener,and had her own Dog grooming business. Carol was just 56 years old. Im just heartbroken for her loss and her family’s loss. I will miss you Carol💔

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