11/4/21 – I will be bringing this Pretty Doe home on Saturday.
“Diva” has a Fantastic Pedigree full of Milk Stars! I’m hoping to breed her this year for late April/early May kids. “Diva” is a Purebred, Polled Doe and I will be breeding her to Ava’s Acrobat Harlequin Blues F5.
“Quinn” has a nice long body, and great breed Characteristics. “Quinn” also comes from some great Dairy lines,: Blue Oak, – Soaring Hearts, Echo Hills, – Proverbs 31 – Paradise and Pilchuck Pointe Mini Nubians. Bonus: “ Quinn “ has Blue Eyes and the sweetest temperament! Photos Courtesy of Willoughby Croft Mini Nubians, Winlock, WA – Ava’s Acrobat Mini Nubians and Proverbs 31 Mini Nubians

Willoughby Croft She’s A Diva Purebred- Polled- G6s Normal by parentage

November 1, I took some great pictures of the herd yesterday. I’m going to share here on my Blog. Enjoy!

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