Getting ready to show my two favorite Does at the Oregon State Fair! This will be my first Live show, am I nervous? Absolutely! I’m looking forward to meeting my friends in our West Coast Mini Nubian group and focusing on having fun! My two Does are pretty calm, I was going to take a Doeling and decided that I didn’t need the stress. I want to enjoy my first live show. I’m taking Soaring Heart’s Pink Cashmere and Soaring Heart’s Sienna Princess pictured below.

August 29th – State Fair mini Nubian Goat Show is this weekend! I’m taking 3 total, but I’m still on the fence about the third. My does have been lactating for 6 months and are drying up. Pip is giving only 4 cups a day, Pink is giving a quart a day and Sienna about 30 ounces a day. I will probably take Skye’s Doeling Lily, she’s 6 months old and it would be good for her plus she’s a beauty!

Pretty in Pink (aka:Pip)

August 31 – Pips Milk production is up so I’m taking her instead of Lily to State Fair. Lily needs more exposure before going to an event as big as the Oregon State Fair!

Grueling day today, trimmed 3 sets of hooves with the Hoof Boss, I Love that tool, best $300.00 + I have spent. Once you get the hang of it, it makes trimming so much faster and easier!

Reclipped, legs, bellies, faces and Udders , thank goodness I have AC in my milk room! 90 degrees out today, not as bad as yesterday. Wormed the 3 I’m taking to fair yesterday. Tomorrow, giving all 3 baths and then reclipping bodies, daily fly spray for the last couple months makes it hard to get a clean haircut without a bath.

Tomorrow will be loading all stuff needed for fair, girls will go into stalls to stay clean and then we will head up to Salem early to get them settled before the Fair opens.

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