Happy New Year! Welcome 2023!

I have decided that Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere wii be bred to all 3 of my Nubian girls this year. He’s maturing beautifully and has all of the Qualities I would want in a Mini Nubian. He’s smaller sized and comes from excellent Milk andShow lines.

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere F6 Purebred – Roan, Moonspots and Blue Eyes G6s Normal by testing
Left to right: Zita, Paris and Keely

Meet Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Zita (Roan) – Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Paris (Black/Tan) and Blossom-Thyme MC Keely (Mahogany) Purebred Standard Nubian Does

We picked up our new girls yesterday morning. I’m so excited to have them home!

1/5 – This morning Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Paris was bred to Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere. This should be a fantastic breeding, Kids will be F1, they will have beautiful Long ears and breed characteristics!

Cashmere aka “Charm” will bring conformation, large bone, excellent feet, length, depth and width. Charm will also bring fabulous udders and attachments.

Paris, will bring milk, udder attachments, volume, length, breed characteristics that are lacking in the Mini Nubian breed. By looking at her page, you will see the huge difference between the Mini Nubian udders and Paris’s Dam, GrandDam on both her Sire’s and her Dam’s sides.

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