12/25 – Merry Christmas! I hope you all are spending the day with loved ones.

12/20 –

I’m adding some new lines into my breeding program. I really want to improve Udders and Udder attachments and expand the genetic pool of the Mini Nubian Breed

Mini Nubian Breeders are starting to add quality standard Nubian Does to their breeding programs. I have joined those breeders and have added three Champion Bred young Does to my breeding program.

By breeding to a well bred Nubian Doe, your adding new bloodlines, and true Nubian breed Characteristics. There are so many Nubian farms that raise Beautiful Nubians with fabulous udders with excellent attachments. 

These Breeders show at the National level against top Breeders across the US. They do Linear Appraisal annually and 305 day Milk testing. 

By adding some of these purebred Does to my breeding program, I will be enhancing and improving the kids born with new bloodlines and better breed characteristics. 

Below are my new Doe additions from a Superb Breeder in Onalaska, Washington. Judy is a breeder of Champion Nubians bred for show and Milk. A combination that I want to bring into my herd. Many of her goats are on the “Elite” list of the American Dairy Goat Association.

Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Zita G6s Normal
Blossom-Thyme LA Lovin Paris G6s Normal
Blossom-Thyme MC Keely G6s Normal

12/19/ – Tansy came back in heat today so I decided she needed a bigger buck to get the job done. I decided on Indy as I think that will be a really nice cross. Indy has really nice udders behind him on all sides of his pedigree. Excited for the kids in May.

12-17 – Meet: Blossom-Thyme MC Keely – Purebred Nubian


This beautiful dry yearling comes to me from a Superb Nubian Dairy Goat Breeder in Onalaska, Washington. Judy Bevaart at Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats, is a Breeder of Champion Nubians.

I wanted to add some new bloodlines to the Mini Nubian breed, my goal is to improve breed characteristics and improve Udder attachments from top quality Nubian Dairy Goats.

By breeding to my Mini Nubian Bucks that already have great breed characteristics instead of breeding to a Nigerian Dwarf Buck I’m hoping to bypass airplane ears, 3/4 drop ears and get a beautiful 1st generation Mini Nubian Dairy goat.

I chose Keely because I loved her Dams conformation, breed character beautiful Udder and teat placement. Her dairy skin and her beautiful brisket to name just a few. Her GrandDam and GrandSire are Perfection!

Keely’s Sire, is also just Stunning! Everything about him is Magnificent! He is an “Elite” Buck with an impeccable Pedigree! I don’t even need to describe what I love about him, his pictures and his daughters pictures are all you need to understand.

Below is Keely’s Pedigree in pictures.

12-18 Today I put Charm (9 month old) in with the 18 month old Bucks

12-15 – I Introduced the 2 big boys this afternoon, after they got over their initial excitement thinking the other might be a lady for them, they checked each other out. Then they decided to play, I say play because they really didn’t put out a whole lot of effort sparring with one another. I think Austin welcomes Indy’s company.

Indy left, Austin right

12/14 – Welcome Home Soaring Heart’s Indigo Blue*B! I brought him home today, gave his head and legs a nice warm bath. Applied my daughters Super Healing Salve she makes, to his urine scalds on his front legs and nose. Put a coat on him and tucked him into a stall for the night. He is the sweetest, gentle Buck! So happy I brought him home. I’ll put a buck apron on him tomorrow to help with the urine scalding.

12/11 – Things have been more eventful in the last week! I brought Tansy back to the herd, I had rehomed her back in June after her kids were weaned, and I was drastically downsizing my herd. I really regretted selling her. She came available last week and I jumped at getting her back.

Meet Goat Trails Diamond’s Tanzanite Blue Purebred – Blue Eyes


Tansy has an amazing pedigree, full of Milk Stars, and well known breeders across the US. Green Gables, Goat Trails, Screaming Goat Farm and AutumnWood Farm just to name a few.

Tansy has phenomenal Nubian Breed Characteristics, beautiful fore Udder, lovely long easy to milk teats, long bodied, wide, well sprung rib cage, great depth of body and a beautiful topline. While there is no such thing as a perfect Goat, Tansy could use improvement on better rear Udder attachments.

Meet: Soaring Heart’s Indigo Blue *B Purebred- Gorgeous Blue Roan with Moonspots


Today I bought Cashmere’s half brother; Soaring Hearts Indigo Blue *B he has the Udders behind him top and bottom back many generations. He has inherited his *B, and like Tansy he has Stellar Breed Characteristics. Long wide ears, amazing Roman nose, long bodied, blends smoothly from his neck into his shoulders and a nice wide, flat rump. Wide between the front and rear legs, tight shoulders with nice depth of body.

Indy’s Extended Pedigree

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere – Purebred – Bezoar with Roaning and Moonspots – Blue Eyes

Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere

So you are probably asking why did I want half brothers in my breeding program. Here are my thoughts on this, both Cashmere and Indy bring to my program excellent breed Characteristics. However, they have very different lines on their Sires sides. Which gives me additional bloodlines to bring into other pedigrees of their offspring. Plus the bonus of blue eyes in Cashmere. I will also be able to breed daughters from either buck to my Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas *B.

Blue Cashmere has the same Dam as my new boy, but different Sires. Cashmere’s Sire’s Dam; Echo Hills Chocolate was shown successfully but was never milk tested. Echo Hills is a long time producer of excellent Mini Nubian Goats, one of the Pioneer breeders of the breed that we love today. Many of Echo Hills Goats, grace the extended pedigrees of many, top performing Goats, in both Milk Production and Show Champions (Conformation).

There are breeders who enjoy showing their goats and then there are other breeders who are just into milking their goats. Either way both milking and showing goats is a time consuming effort, couple that with a full time job, add a family and children’s sports, not a lot of time left.

This doesn’t lessen the value of their breeding stock if their Bucks don’t have their Star B or Does that don’t have their Star P. If they have quality animals with great pedigrees but choose to have a family life, try not to judge their breeding stock or their offspring by what Stars or Champion titles nor lack of those titles on the Registration Papers.

Some people just want to be a good breeder and breed quality goats. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Do your research, learn what to look for in Conformation, Udder attachments, Teat length and placement. Look at their Dams and Sires Dams Udders and make a calculated decision based on information you have gathered. Remember knowledge is power.

“Cashmere’s” Sire: W4’s Keeper Of The Stars Sire; Cedar Creek Texas Timmy*B and his Dam; Cedar Creek Little Ami-Jo*P both have Fabulous Pedigrees and Udders. See Cashmere’s extended Pedigree below.

Cashmere’s Extended Pedigree

Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas *B F4 – Blue Eyes and Moonspots

Goat Trails BH Stars Over Texas *B
Austin’s Extended Pedigree

12/7 Ultrasound results are in on three girls. Twins for Sienna. Twins for Juliette and Apple definitely pregnant but too early to count. We will definitely be re-ultrasounding Apple and along with her Pip and Tansy in early January. Pink short cycled and was rebred to Austin December 2nd so Mid to late January to ultrasound.

12/6 – I was pretty busy in November with breeding and the holiday. I tried spacing my girls apart so I would not have them all kid at once. Tomorrow we will be Ultra-sounding Sienna, Juliette and Apple. Hopefully all will have twins within.

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