Halloween /2022 – Last day of October and it’s going out like a whirlwind! Rain, wind and a surprise breeding pair!

I was planning on a driveway breeding of Goat Trails Apple of my Eye 3*P to Cedar Creek OB Oakley Blue *B in early November, but Apple and Charm had other plans.

When I went out to feed this morning, Charm was in Apple’s pasture covering her! Don’t get me wrong, I love this breeding pair! I was just hoping to breed her to a *B Buck this year.

Due to W4’s Caprine Pursuit Farm in Eastern Oregon being a show farm and not a milk testing farm, Charm’s paternal GrandDam: “ Echo Hills Chocolate” was never milk tested. So I will just have to wait until Charm’s Sire:W4’s Keeper of the Stars-TT daughters are Milk tested and receive their milk stars or Charm’s daughters get theirs.

Either way, there are great Udders and milk volume in his Paternal and Maternal pedigrees. Any daughters of Charm will be sold only to Milk testing farms until he gets his Milk Star. His Sire and his Sires Dam have theirs.

10/28/22 – October just flew by! Where does the time go? Only bred two Does for March kids, I don’t want a repeat of last year, 4 Does kidding in 8 days!

Exciting News! Goat Trails Apple Of My Eye now 3*P, earned her Milk Star! Her Buckling’s will have their inherited *B! “Apple’s” Butterfat was 6.7, October is a great month to milk test, their milk is thick with Butterfat!

10/17- Second Breeding of the season happened tonight. Romeo’s Juliette and Soaring Heart’s Indigo Blue had a date at Dandelion Meadows Farm. Fingers crossed Purebred Kids in mid March. Roans, Moonspots, Blue Eyes Possible. Milk Stars, Great Udders, Excellent Conformation! Juliette will be on Milk test in 2023, I think she will get her Star and then her Bucklings will get their *B.

10/13/2022 – First Breeding of the season happened yesterday afternoon and again this morning. Soaring Heart’s Sienna Princess and Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere were bred for March 2023 Generation 5 Kids. Blue Eyes and Moonspots Possible.

10/4 – We are having a beautiful Indian summer here in Oregon. Warm days, cool nights and crisp mornings. I absolutely Love this weather!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to buy back a Doe I sold last April after a traumatic week of kidding. I was so stressed out about that week and the loss of 2 kids, a prolapsed uterus and almost losing my favorite doe Pink Cashmere that I sold five Does that were bred to avoid any more stress.

I was so upset that I almost sold out completely. I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I was doing all by myself, it was just too much. Trying to keep 5 bucks and 14 does healthy and stalls cleaned every day, I just couldn’t do it.

I welcomed home Goat Trails Apple of my Eye” a gorgeous young purebred Doe I brought in from Texas in the fall of 2021, sold in April 2022 and bought back yesterday. I’m looking forward to breeding season, this year I’m spacing my kidding out so no more multiple does kidding in one week. I do have reservations available, take a look at my breeding plan and contact me if you see a pairing your interested in a kid from.

With the addition of Apple yesterday, I now have 5 Does and 2 Bucks which is manageable. I will probably be selling 1-2 Does in the summer of 2023 after weaning of their kids, both of these does are related to my Bucks. I have a deposit on a 2023 Doeling from Soaring Hearts in WA and a deposit on a 2023 kid from Cherrywell Quillet in Oregon.

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