Apple is up next in one week! Can’t wait to see her 2nd freshening Udder! Apple is bred to Blue Cashmere for Purebred Kids. Doelings are reserved. Bucklings will inherit their Milk Star.

3-18 – Juliette kidded beautiful Twins! Purebred with Blue Eyes! These girls are going to Alabama!

3-12 – Lost Sienna’s Doeling overnight, somehow she suffocated. Probably laying to close to her dam. I’m heartbroken, I was going to retain her. She was beautiful!

3-11 Sienna kidded Gorgeous Buck/Doe Blue eyed Twins! Kids sired by Mini Love Farm Blue Cashmere. Buckling will have his Star B

3-2-23 – So this happened today, totally unexpected Surprise! To say I’m thrilled doesn’t begin to express how I feel about my home grown Buck!

Blossom-Thyme LA Loving Zita absorbed her pregnancy today and will not be bred again until Fall 2023.

Blossom-Thyme LA Loving Zita

The Bucks on this Sunshine March afternoon. In their Winter Woollies!

L to R – Austin- Charm – Indy
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