4/1/23 – New Plan

I have been working all year so far on a plan to reduce my workload and still breed the highest quality Mini Nubian.

I don’t want to focus on body or eye color. My focus in these last two years is a smaller dairy goat with a well attached Udder with plumb teats with open orfices and great tasting milk.

The gene pool of the Mini Nubian is small with most pedigree’s going back to three Herds. Echo Hills, Blue Oak and Hidden Creek.

There was much line breeding in the pedigrees.

With that said, Mini Nubians need new blood, new lines of Quality Nubian Does from Breeders that breed for Conformation, and Milk. A Nubian breeder that performs production testing and Show records of Champions and Superior Genetics.

My plan is to keep my two Mini Nubian Bucks and keep 3-4 Top Quality Nubian Does to produce a new line of Mini Nubians. These first kids will be first generation Mini Nubians that will be 75% Nubian and 25% Nigerian Dwarf.

These Kids will have Beautiful Nubian Breed Characteristics, beautiful udders and attachments, bred for Milk Production , great tasting milk and Show quality Dairy Goats.

I will be downsizing my herd to just the two Mini Nubian Bucks, Blue Cashmere and Orion’s Belt. Both of these Bucks have outstanding Dams with Fantastic Udders! One Mini Nubian Doe Pink Cashmere will stay as she is my Heart goat.

I will be very particular on where my Mini Nubian Does are placed, in homes where I know they will have the best care and the attention they are use to having.

I’m 67 years young, I love my goats, but I just don’t need a large herd. I’m spending every waking hour tending my goats, cleaning, trimming hooves, keeping them healthy. It’s time to make my life easier and still challenge me to produce a better Mini Nubian.

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